oneplus nord 2 5G – Features and Specs


The new Oxygen Plus smartphone from Oxygen is designed for all over globetrotters. It is one of the best phones for travelers because it provides ultimate flexibility, performance, and user-friendliness while on the go. The device has an aluminum frame and is light and easy to carry. The powerful chipset and the exciting software allow it to support many applications. Let us see how this smartphone fares with the competition. oneplus nord 2 5g

The OnePlus Nord 2 5g is a sleek smartphone with a full HD display, which has a pixel density of 4015 pixels. The device has a nice interface, with smooth functionality and a stylish design. The device runs on the Linux operating system. The onerous or 2 has been loaded with many applications including the ones from the ZenFone 2 and the Blackberry Passport.

The onerous nord 2 5g has been loaded with a huge internal memory, which can support multiple apps and data stored in the phone. It also has an aluminium frame and a high-end feature, which allow it to support high definition video. The back of the phone features a good quality camera, which enables you to capture clear images. The connectivity options on the smartphone are quite comprehensive. It supports GSM/GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, MMS and EDGE. Oneplus has kept the design of the handset simple yet elegant, which helps it to blend well with the latest mobile phones.

The onerous nord 2 5g features a Dual Shot mode, which allows the user to take pictures in a series of up to seven. These pictures are automatically saved on the phone and can be individually reviewed and shown on the touch screen. The LED lights present on the phone allow users to easily navigate the menu. The battery of the smartphone has an average lifespan of about fifteen minutes. The brightness of the LED lights is dimmed automatically, so that the life of the battery does not get reduced.

Apart from the dual shot mode, the smartphone has some handy features such as the built-in image search facility, the feature that allows the user to find photos and images using his or her keyboard. The connectivity options of the smartphone are quite comprehensive. It supports EDGE, GSM and CDMA connectivity. The onerous nord 2 series also comes with a super-fast quad-core processor from Samsung who promises to deliver excellent browsing experience with the smartphone.

As compared to the predecessors of the Oneplus 2, this smartphone comes with a single main sensor along with the secondary sensors, which measure depth and Brightness. However, the dual sensors that are present on the back of the phone are preferred more by the users because they provide a better level of image stabilization. In this respect, the smartphone does not fall short of its target. The fingerprint scanner present at the centre of the device enables the user to set up an alarm with the help of his or her finger. All these features make the Oneplus 2 a popular choice among all age groups.